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Caitlyn speaking to her father about her acceptance of Vi's proposal?


“Caitlyn,” he says. “Always a pleasure to see you.”

Cait’s sitting in her father’s office. She sits with her legs crossed at the ankle, like a proper lady. There’s a plate of madelines in her lap. Behind the cover of her hand she takes diminuitive little bites of them. She speaks only when she is done chewing.

“Daddy,” she says. “I’m afraid I’m not very happy with you.”

Charles Fitzwillaim frowns. But then, that doesn’t look much different from his normal expression. “What could I possibly have done to displease you?” he asks. His tone of voice is more sarcastic than humble.

But this doesn’t phase Caitlyn anymore. It’s just the way Charles is. “You and Vi had a disagreement recently,” she says. Another bite. Pause. Continue. “Concerning our upcoming wedding.”

Charles taps his fingers on the countertop. He glances up towards the stuffed stag head mounted over the threshold. He and Caitlyn took that beauty down ten years ago. There’s a picture of the two of them on his desk, smiling with their quarry.

It’s been a long time since they went hunting together.

“Caitlyn,” he says. This time, he’s let some emotion creep into his voice. “I want the best for you. You need someone who can keep you safe. Someone you can plan for the future with. While Violet may have surprising mechanical expertise, she’s no—”

Caitlyn purses her lips. “Daddy, if you say that she’s no Jayce, I’m getting up and I am leaving. Right now.”

Charles sighs. “Very well. I won’t say it,” he says.

Caitlyn shakes her head. She eats the last madeline and sets the plate on her father’s desk. With her handkerchief she dabs her face clean. Then she leans back. Her blue-green eyes fix him in place. Is this really his little girl?

“Vi is my partner,” Caitlyn says. “Through all the arrests, all the late nights, she’s been there. Vi pulled herself up from a hopeless life of petty crime. Did you know she’s got her own action figure now? Vi is a hero, just as much as Jayce is. And she is the woman I love.”

Charles sits up straighter—but looks down at his desk. He can’t bear to look at her. “Caitlyn,” he says. “You’re going to have to give me some time.”

Caitlyn presses her lips together. She reaches out and takes her father’s hand. “I’m afraid time isn’t on your side,” she says. “You’re going to be a grandfather soon.”

Caitlyn’s seen her father hunt animals four or five times his size with not a hint of fear. She’s seen him face down an entire senate chamber’s worth of accusations with a stiff upper lip. He’s been held hostage more than once. Even attempted assassinations did not flap him.

But now, hearing this, Charles’s eyes roll back into his head. And for a second, just a second, he faints. And then he recovers just enough to gape at his daughter. His little girl. His favorite hunting partner.

“You’re pregnant?”

“I am,” Caitlyn says. “And I do hope to see you at the wedding.”

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